Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I have finally come to understand that nothing is really bad for you, given the fact that it is taken in small doses.

Consider my boyfriend, he turned twenty-one this past February, and I understand that in the rush of being that age, a boy, like him, will go out frequently to the bars and such, during the first few weeks of turning said age.

Being the girlfriend of seventeen, however, it does tend to be a little worrisome. Which he understands and respects, so we give him kudos. *snap*snap*snap*.

He has calmed down incredibly, thank God, and now it's only the occasional beer with his friends, or the part every couple months where he will, indeed, get hammered, and have every right to.

So I am not considering that an addiction.
Now! The real addiction! It's much more unbelievable, and has turned out to have an even greater impact.

My stepfather is addicted... to facebook.

It's the worst case of it yet. Yesterday my mom clocked him at seven hours, SEVEN HOURS, on this website. THAT'S HORRIBLE! MY GOD! Honestly I couldn't be on facebook for seven hours, and I'm a teenager!


My mom will want to talk to him about something important, and he'll respond back with something along the lines of,

"Hold on, I have to pass out drinks to my friends,"

Honestly, facebook wouldn't be half as bad if it didn't have all of those fucking applications. Honestly? Do we really need virtual alcohol?
I thought the real stuff was harmful enough. Guess I was wrong.

Moral: Friends don't let friends Drink and Click.


  1. Ahhh...Facebook.

    It's snagged the older generations in a way that MySpace never did. When I first started on there, I did spent quite a few hours. Not seven, but still...

    This, too, will pass.

    Gotta say, though, I'm not so sure your first sentence is so true. I mean, heroin and meth and stuff? Not so sure even small amounts are too great for you.

    Oh, and death. Death isn't good.

    Just sayin'.

  2. It's early. Please excuse the typos in the previous comment.


  3. Okay, well maybe not EVERYTHING! whatevvva teacher mommy whatevvva. :)

    excuse my typos, it is still quite early.