Thursday, May 14, 2009


My feet are here, but I am not
I am over hills and under streams
back to a time where real music was
a mother's lullaby, not timid and cowardly

I have traveled backwards and forwards
Inside and out, but never so far as I am now
I'm up, high on my own terms and low to no one's
I've given up on my legs

So many anaerobic things, so many challenges
Obstacles,...Oh, Obstacles, you have stood
So proudly in my way, year after year
step after step


whatever road I ever chose
you're there.

But you're lovable, because you're movable.

My feet are here but my mind is not
My mind is far away, trying to catch up to my heart
Claire de Lune sings along their travels
I hope the journey is well for both
While they are off
I am stone.


  1. Girl, oh girl...

    For this reason alone please keep up this blog, because reading your work makes my soul just a little more full.

    There's a reason I chose you for that award, you know.

  2. Oh, by the way, on a purely pragmatic point--you need to put a copyright notice at the bottom of the blog so people can't legally take your stuff. I or Eric can show you how.

  3. Thanks TeacherMommy, for sure I will be blogging a lot over the summer, and that way you I can help you fill in those blank 3 out of 5 days that FREAAAAAKKKINNNNGGG OOOUUUTTT about =].

    And yes, I will definietly be asking you and/or Mr. Eric about said copyright notice =]