Friday, May 22, 2009

Je suis triste

So it hasn't even been a week yet since I learned of my boyfriend's recent idea of joining the military.

No, not idea, announcement.

It is for sure that by the end of the summer he will be leaving for boot camp.

Now, here's the issue:

Yes, it is going to really suck not seeing, or even communicating, with him for two months, but I'm strong and I can survive that.

What really sucks, and I mean REALLY sucks, is that for the past five days or so, I haven't had a day with him, even on MY Graduation day, where I haven't heard about how happy he is to join. And he should be happy, he really wants to do this, and I'm very proud of him.

He tells me that he's staying till the end of the summer because he wants to spend a whole summer with me, BUT, I'm seeing other reasons.

The end of June, him and i, and his family, are all going to Florida.
The end of July, he has "guy-camp" with his father and his brother,(uncles, nephews, etc....You know men), and that's already payed for.

So...say these vacation plans were not intact... would he go?
Is he more excited for the military than to spend time with me?

It really hurts to think that not only will he be gone for two months, but that he will forget to miss me...

I have things to go and places to do...

I'm running out of time.


  1. I'm sorry, hon. Really sorry. That's all I'm going to say, because the sort of things adults tend to say at moments like this are not what you want or need to hear. Just know that I feel for you and am hear if you need a shoulder...

  2. thank you teachermommy, i'm going to need it. i just found out too, that once he comes home from being gone for two months, he only has one or two weeks before he leaves again for some coast somewhere =[